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The identity value of the territory

Due to its geographical position and the relief features, Baião has remained an area that is barely permeable to the outside and moderately altered even when compared to the rest of the region.

Positioned between the Douro River and the Marão Mountain, Baião has a remarkable diversity in terms of natural resources and human historical and cultural elements.

The relative isolation that has marked it over the centuries, and even today, has contributed to preserve our heritage and ways of life in a harmony between physical and human forms, between material and immaterial or between past and future, axes that guide the personality of the territory.

Between steep slopes, a vast forest that covers 70% of the territory and an old agricultural tradition, there are precious testimonies of a millennial human presence, in which civilizational layers overlap from prehistory to the present, with marks of almost practically all historical periods and so many cultural upheavals, legacies of an identity of its own.

The sustainable development of tourism is anchored in the unique physical and human resources in our territory.


Main Atractions


The detailed list of main attractions showcases the diverse array of local heritage that can be explored and experienced in Baião. Further information and details can be viewed on our online tourist guide platform: