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Privacy Policy

The website baiaosustentá is owned by the Municipality of Baião and is governed by the following privacy policy:

  1. Introduction
    Your privacy is important to us.
    The privacy policy of the Municipality of Baião clarifies what personal data we collect and for what purposes, what principles guide the use of that data and the rights of its holders. The mission of the Municipality of Baião is to enhance, at all levels and on the legally established map, the realization of the municipality’s attributions and projects, investing in the realization of its human capital and stimulating partnerships with local, regional, and national institutions and organizations, as a fundamental vector for improving the public service offer, guaranteeing a more just society. Our activity aims to actively contribute for the municipality of Baião to assert itself as a regional and national reference for sustainable territorial development, which articulates the issues of modernity and local identity, offering its residents high standards of satisfaction in fundamental areas and aspects of municipal intervention.
    The action of the City Council is governed by values of rigor, transparency, professionalism, institutional cooperation and social justice.

  2. Scope
    This policy applies to all users and guarantees privacy and security in the data provided for sending suggestions, in the “Get Involved” section, where only the data required to send a response to the suggestion submitted is requested and collected.

  3. Responsible for data processing
    The City Council as responsible for the processing of your data:
    • Ensures that their treatment is carried out within the scope for which they were collected or for objectives compatible with the initial purpose(s).
    • Assumes the commitment to implement a data minimization culture in which only the necessary data is collected, used, and preserved.
    • Do not disclose or share your personal data for commercial or advertising purposes.

  1. How we use personal data
    The Municipality of Baião uses your personal data, provided on the form to submit suggestions, for statistical purposes and to send responses to the suggestions presented. We also collect the content of the suggestions / criticisms you present to us.

  2. Personal data collected
    The personal data we collect are those contained in the form for suggestions on the website

The data we collect may include the following:

* Name
* Tax Identification Number
* Age
* Citizen Card Number / Identity Card Number

* Address
* Email address
* Telephone / mobile number

  1. Reasons why we share data
    Your personal data will only be shared with third parties under the following conditions: with your consent, in strict compliance with legal obligations or in the exercise of functions of public interest / public authority.

  2. Security of personal data
    We use a set of appropriate security technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

  3. How to access and control your personal data
    We allow, at your request, access, rectification, treatment limitation and even the elimination of personal data. You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data. If the use of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw it, without compromising the validity of the processing of data carried out until that moment.

Data access:

    • Request to access my data
    • Asking to know who has access to my data
    • Asking to know how my data is processed
    • Asking to know what my data is used for

Right to be forgotten:

    • Request that my data be deleted

  1. Retention of personal data
    We keep your personal data for the necessary and reasonable period and within the scope for which we collect it.
    Conservation periods can change significantly when justified for the purposes of public interest or for historical, scientific, or statistical reasons, with the commitment of the City Council of Baião to adopt the appropriate conservation and safety measures. The data will be removed as soon as it is no longer necessary for the intended purpose or when consent is withdrawn.

  2. Cookies and similar technologies
    The Municipality of Baião uses cookies on its Websites to improve the performance and navigation experience of its citizens/users. Increasing, on one hand, the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information. The placement of cookies not only helps websites to recognize the device of the citizen/user the next time he visits them, but it will also be essential for their operation. The cookies used by the Municipality of Baião, on all its websites, do not collect personal information that allows the identification of the citizen/user, saving only generic information, namely the form or location / country of access of the citizen/user and the way they use the websites, among others. Cookies only retain information related to the preferences of citizens/users.

  3. Social Networks
    We also provide personalized and comprehensive support through our pages on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) and the possibility to keep in touch with us. These social media services collect personal data themselves, for example through the profile created by the user or through the so-called social plug-ins, which are implemented on the websites of third parties. If you send us a request through one of these social networks, we will forward it to the responsible department. The data will be used exclusively to respond to your request and will not be transmitted to third parties. To be able to contact us through these social networks, you must register with these services. In this case, the company responsible for the respective service may collect, store, and use personal data. We have no influence on the type, scope, and processing of this data. These are offers from companies.

  4. Phone Press application
    This application can be downloaded free of charge for mobile phones and tablets from three operating systems:
    iOS – Apple –
    Android –
    Windows –

    With the Phone Press application, you can manage important online features such as: contacts from the municipality and its services, notifications about relevant events, automatic updating when starting the application, information sharing via email and social networks. The application needs Internet for its operation. You can activate or deactivate notifications and automatic updates in the “Preferences” menu. To be able to contact us through this feature, you will be asked to send an email to The email must also contain the user’s name and identification document number (citizen card or identity card). For anomaly alerts, the system offers the possibility of location of the position and possibility to choose the GPS navigation application. The user is free to consent to the location of the position requested by the system or to enter a location of his choice instead.

  5. Newsletter
    We offer you the possibility to keep in touch with us through our Newsletter. For this purpose, we use your title and name so that we can personally address you in the Newsletter, as well as your email address and / or the topics you are interested in. When using the Newsletter, user behavior is evaluated anonymously, without establishing a relationship with a specific person. Here are included:
    • Messages sent and delivered
    • Openings (measured / invisible / total)
    • Clicks and openings by terminal devices
    • Clicks, openings and delivery over time
    • Bounces (email not delivered)
    • Subscription cancellations
    • Activity rate

The data are collected and processed exclusively by the Municipality of Baião and the data will not be transmitted to other external companies. The authorization given can be revoked at any time. To do this, you can use the link included in the Newsletter or send a written request to the Municipality of Baião, Praça Heróis do Ultramar 4640-158 Baião.

In the “Newsletter” tab, you can also add or remove individual topics from the Newsletter at any time, which corresponds to a Newsletter cancellation. You will also find instructions on canceling your subscription in each Newsletter.

  1. Contact information
    For more information on the privacy practices of the Municipality of Baião and your rights see the website

    Visit the area on our Data Protection Officer or send an email to

  2. Changes to this privacy policy
    We will update this privacy policy to reflect the suggestions of our users. Whenever changes are made to this policy, we will change the “update date”. We recommend that you periodically consult our privacy policy to stay informed about how the Municipality of Baião is protecting your information.

    You can make suggestions for improvement from the website