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Today is National Air Day!

An important date to reflect on the quality of the air we breathe and how we cancontribute to protecting this essential resource for life. This year’s theme is“(Re)Thinking the city for good air”.Let’s adopt responsible behavior and take care of our environment, thinking about thewell-being of future generations. Together, we...

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“Green in the Bin… No!”

Noting that a large amount of waste that is deposited in unsorted waste containers isgreen waste resulting from garden maintenance, namely grass, small branches, leaves,plant trimmings, among others, the municipality has decided that priority should begiven to treatment at source, i.e. producers of this waste should apply for a composterat...

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Free delivery of composters to Parish Councils

Would you like a home composter to compost at home?Every citizen produces around 200 kg of food waste every year, which is normallywasted.With this bio-waste (food scraps) you can produce a 100% natural fertilizer that canreplace artificial agricultural fertilizers.All you need is a small outdoor space in your home, such...

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Baião presented Municipal Climate Action Plan

he Baião Municipal Climate Action Plan (PMAC) was presented at a public session that took place at Paços do Concelho, on April 3rd. This session, which takes place within the scope of the ongoing public discussion, was attended by the Mayor, Paulo Pereira, the President of the Municipal Assembly, Armando...

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Baião Chamber reinforced recycling bin network

The municipality of Baião, in partnership with Resinorte SA, installed, during the month of March, 5 new recycling bins in the municipality, now counting on a network of 123 pieces of equipment, distributed across all parishes, with a proportion of 143 inhabitants per recycling bin. “ We continue to take care...

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Public session to present Baia o’s Municipal Climate Action Plan

On April 3, at 5:30 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Town Hall, Baia o City Council willpresent the Baia o Municipal Climate Action Plan (PMAC).This is a strategic document provided for in the Basic Law on Climate, which aims torespond to the challenges arising from climate change.Focusing on...

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