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Baião Climate Action Plan

The Baião Municipal Climate Action Plan was unanimously approved at the Chamber meeting held on March 13th. This document aims to define strategies and respond to the challenges resulting from climate change, focusing, for this purpose, on adapting to the current and future climate, mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as...

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Baião’s Municipal Environmental Education Strategy (EMEA)

The proposal for Baião’s Municipal Environmental Education Strategy (EMEA) wasunanimously approved at the Municipal Assembly on February 24.The Baião EMEA was presented as an essential tool for the sustainable development ofthe municipality, inspiring local action and promoting conscious and informedcitizenship.Based on the 2030 Agenda and the process of certifying Baião...

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Green Team takes part in Ecotourism meetingat Universidade Portucalense

As part of the Erasmus+ ECOViP project “Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurshipin Ecotourism to support sustainable development in Vietnam and the Philippines”,the Municipality of Baião took part on January 22, at the invitation of UniversidadePortucalense, in a round table discussion on the “Challenges and Perspectives ofEcotourism”, together with representatives of the...

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“Vale Eficiência” Program (2nd Phase)

The second phase of applications for the “Vale Eficiência” program is underway, aimedat economically vulnerable families at risk of energy poverty who are not in socialhousing.The aim of this program is to help mitigate situations of energy poverty and socialvulnerability by awarding vouchers to economically vulnerable families who live inbuildings...

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“For a future made of life, take care of the environment today”

VALORMED is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of handingin empty packaging waste and expired medicines of domestic origin at take-back pointsin pharmacies and parapharmacies. The campaign’s motto is “For a future made of life,take care of the environment today”.When empty packaging waste and discarded and expired...

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Regulations for the “Serra daAboboreira Regional Protected Landscape”

The public discussion period for the draft Management Regulations for the “Serra daAboboreira Regional Protected Landscape” is open until March 7.Anyone interested in consulting and taking part in the discussion of the project can doso as mentioned in the Notice published on January 11, 2024, in the 2nd Series of...

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