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Free delivery of composters to Parish Councils

Would you like a home composter to compost at home?
Every citizen produces around 200 kg of food waste every year, which is normally
With this bio-waste (food scraps) you can produce a 100% natural fertilizer that can
replace artificial agricultural fertilizers.
All you need is a small outdoor space in your home, such as a garden or vegetable
patch, where you can place the composter.
Composting can be done by everyone and by you too.
Go to your local council and receive a compost bin free of charge.
Please see the image with the compost bin collection periods.
Take part and help us reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill, because
landfill, because all the waste we don’t recycle has an environmental and economic
Embracing sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.
Baião thanks you for your contribution towards a greener and more sustainable
We’re counting on you!


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