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Sustainable Baião

Green is the new destination

Our journey towards sustainability

Our Commitment


The Municipality of Baião is committed to making our territory an sustainable touristic destination.

Sustainable Baião

The Municipality of Baião is committed to making our territory a sustainable tourist destination, based on 4 fundamental pillars: Environmental, Cultural, Social and Economic and on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is where our journey begins. Embracing sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Join us towards a greener and better future.

Vision Statement


Key Aspects

The example comes from above

An environmentally friendly green municipality and a sustainable tourist destination is our ambition. But it is necessary to set an example for all stakeholders.

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The key stakeholders

Tourism in Baião is growing. The material and intangible heritage that exists in Baião and the desire for the enjoyment of nature is responsible for the dynamism of the sector.

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Green School, Green Future

There are numerous threats that imply the mobilization of society. Younger people will inherit a planet where human action on nature and climate will have a huge impact.

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One of the structuring elements of the promotion of the territory and which brings thousands of visitors and tourists to Baião annually, are the events.

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A Sustainable Tourist Destination

To affirm tourism as the axis for the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the entire territory, positioning Baião as a competitive and sustainable tourist destination

Marão, Aboboreira and Castelo Mountains

Douro, Ovil and Teixeira Rivers

Reixela Oak Forest

Megalitic heritage of Aboboreira Mountain

Santo André of Ancede Monastery

Eça de Queiroz Foundation

"Bengalas" of Gestaçô

Frende's Baskets

Roasted "Anho" with Oven Rice

Smokehouse meats

Teixeira Biscuit

Citrus Fruit

Avesso Wine

Strategic Tourism Axes
Nature and Adventure


Destination Certification Pillars

Green and/or Environment Responsable Events

City Hall Certification

Main Stakeholders Certification

Hotel/Accomodations and Tour Operators Certification

Youth and Schools engagement

Cultural &
Heritage Aspects

Land of Culture

Natural Life

Land of Flavours

Ancient Land

Magic Land

Land of Adventure

Land of Culture

The county of Baião exhibits a richness of heritage values, striking panoramas, customs and traditions that enhance and make this region of the country unique.

Important Portuguese writers such as Camilo Castelo Branco, Alves Redol, Agustina Bessa-Luís, Eça de Queiroz and António Mota, often refer to this landscape in their works. The Eça de Queiroz Foundation, the dolmens of Serra da Aboboreira, the monastery of Saint Andrew of Ancede, the enormous religious heritage, the crafts, the small museums and exhibitions centres are important touristic attractions.

Natural Life

On the slopes that connect the peak of Marão to the river Douro, marked by “powerfully dug” valleys, where some water lines such as those of the Douro, Ovil and Teixeira meander, lies one of the greenest municipalities in the region (about 70% territory), with an important geological heritage, a diversity of fauna and flora and an ancient historical heritage.

Land of Flavours

The gastronomy of Baião is so special that some say that one of the most renowned Portuguese writers, Eça de Queiroz, did not only fall in love with the landscape of this land, but also with the flavours of its traditional dishes when he wrote his novel “The City and the Mountains” in which he makes reference to the magnificent local gastronomy, describing it in a colorful and tasty way. Nowadays, Baião is a gastronomic reference in the region by the quality and tradition of its endogenous gastronomic process and wine production.

Ancient Land

The landscape of Baião is the result of the distinct way in which man occupied and transformed the territory over thousands of years, resulting in a landscape of great cultural value, with a strong historic heritage. The oldest occupation of this territory was in the central plateaus of the mountains of Aboboreira and Castle and date back to recent pre-historic times, which cover a long chronological period of four thousand years (5th to the 1st Millennium B.C.). But there are also historical testimonies from every historical period, form Roman occupation, to medieval times, the Baroque and French invasions.

Magic Land

In this territory of mountains and rivers – ripping the skies – a land of water, climatic phenomenons, full of life, sculptured into schist and granite, covered by the green of the forest, we walk through shades and haze, uncovering the mysteries hidden in the imagination of its people.

Land of Adventure

The natural features of Baião, the deep valleys, the slopes, rivers encourage us to embark on an adventure, with sites that inspire us, and challenge us. This is a territory with excellent conditions for the practice of sports and for the adventure.

Up to Date


Today is National Air Day!

An important date to reflect on the quality of the air we breathe and how we cancontribute to protecting this essential resource for life. This year’s theme is“(Re)Thinking the city for good air”.Let’s adopt responsible behavior and take care of our environment, thinking about thewell-being of future generations. Together, we...

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“Green in the Bin… No!”

Noting that a large amount of waste that is deposited in unsorted waste containers isgreen waste resulting from garden maintenance, namely grass, small branches, leaves,plant trimmings, among others, the municipality has decided that priority should begiven to treatment at source, i.e. producers of this waste should apply for a composterat...

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Entities Involved

Municipality of Baião

GSTC certified body to accredit tourist destinations.