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City Council of Baião collected more than 6 tons of waste in two days

On 17 and 18 September, services of the City Council of Baião carried out a major cleaning action in various parts of the municipality, collecting 6.2 tonnes of waste.

In all, 2000 kg of construction and demolition waste were collected, 2000 kg of wood and dry tree shavings, 1500 kg of domestic monsters (mattresses, furniture, appliances), 500 kg of other residues (paper / cardboard, protective masks against COVID-19, clothes, shoes, among others), 200 kg of plastic and metal and 15 kg of glass.

The collected waste was separated and sent for recycling.

The work consisted of cleaning the roadsides, viewpoints, ditches, fountains, and other points of interest.

The councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Baião, Henrique Gaspar, said that “Since Baião is the municipality with the highest percentage of green areas in the district of Porto, the municipality wanted, with this action, to set an example on the need to deposit waste in proper places to protect the environment”. “If each citizen does his or her part, we can have a cleaner and safer territory for everyone,” he noted, recalling the importance of disposing of COVID-19 masks and other protective materials in appropriate places.


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