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250 hectares cleared in Baião to prevent rural fires

With the objective of reducing the amount of weeds in the mountains, forests and in strips of vegetation along the roads in the municipality, the Municipality of Baião, in partnership with several entities, carried out from January until 15 May, the cleaning of more than 250 hectares. across the county.

Several types of forest fuels were cleaned, such as brushwood, firewood and other vegetation.

This work was carried out in partnership with entities such as: the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas, the Brigades de Sapadores Florestais of the Intermunicipal Community of Tâmega e Sousa, the teams of Sapadores Florestais of the Forestry Association of Entre Douro e Tâmega, the Volunteer Firefighters of Baião and Santa Marinha do Zêzere and the Infrastructures of Portugal.


Work is still ongoing and, so far, the Direct Administration teams of the Baião City Council have carried out 128 hectares of fuel management, in lanes adjacent to the road network, meter lanes around water points and protection lanes to industrial áreas.

Among all the entities, so far, 190 hectares of protection lanes for the road network and Industrial Areas have been cleaned, with brushcutters and tractors with cross-country trails,

Through controlled (prescribed) fire, 64 hectares were managed, referring to strips and plots located in strategic locations, with the objective of compartmentalizing the forest territory, reducing the potential areas covered by large fires.

These fuel management actions are foreseen in the Municipal Forest Defense Plan, in the Controlled Fire Plans for Serra da Aboboreira, Serra do Marão, Serra do Castelo de Matos and Baião Meridional and in the Primary and Secondary Fuel Management defined for the Municipality of Baião.

It is essential that the population also gives its contribution, carrying out the cleaning of the land they own.

“This vegetation removal and cleaning work was carried out in recent months, being decisive for the summer to be calmer and bring a lower risk of fire. This is a bet on the security of our community that would not be possible without a very intense work, carried out by several entities that are coordinated with each other.

We do this because we want to have a safer municipality, with less risk of fire and protect our forests, our green areas and above all people. Baião is the greenest municipality in the district of Porto and this work is also a commitment to sustainability”, notes the vice-president of the Municipality of Baião, responsible for Civil Protection, Filipe Fonseca.


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