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Agenda of Events shows diversity, novelty and ambition for the quality of life ofthe people of Baião

Presented for the first time at the Municipal Auditorium on January 27, in a ceremony
attended by all the members of the municipal executive with assigned responsibilities,
the Agenda of Events of the Municipality of Baião for 2024 revealed the most complete
calendar ever, which points to the consolidation of reference events, and assumes
ambition and boldness with new events that guarantee the affirmation of the territory at
national and international level in various fields.
In his opening speech, the mayor, Paulo Pereira, expressed his “pride” at the
presentation of the Agenda, “a special moment that reinforces our commitment to the
population, but also to the tourist and economic agents that operate in Baião,” he said.
“It’s also another firm step in the development of a policy focused on quality of life, the
intangible expectations of our population and the consolidation of our cultural identity,”
said the mayor.
Although around 85% of the events that will take place throughout the year are closed,
the Agenda deliberately keeps some dates open to include other proposals that may
arise and that fit in with the objectives.
The announced events, more than a hundred of which are only initiatives aimed at the
general public, correspond to around 136 days of activities and more than 125 artists or
performances, and in addition to the activities that will take place on weekdays, there
will be events every weekend.
With a presentation by Miguel Frazão, one of the actors in the film “A Minha Casinha”
(My Little House), shot in Baião and which has already won an award at the Austin
International Film Festival in the United States, each of the municipality’s councillors
was invited to answer a few questions about the areas they are responsible for, noting
both new developments and the continuity of events that have already been
consolidated and which are still being held, plus one or other factor of valorization
adjusted to the wishes of the population.
Interventions that highlighted the scope of the events, framed within the main axes of
development of the municipality and which point to the growing improvement in the
quality of life of the people of Bahia.
The president of the Baião Municipal Assembly, Armando Fonseca, also praised the
municipal executive for presenting the Agenda and spoke about the celebrations for the
50th anniversary of April 25, for which a wide range of actions are planned, ranging
from a commemorative exhibition at the MACC Baião; the presentation of plays at the
Municipal Auditorium; scheduled activities in schools and at the Auditorium, among
The agenda features the continuation of the usual events that have already been
consolidated, such as the enogastronomic fairs – the Feira do Fumeiro and Cozido à
Portuguesa and the Wines of Baião; the Festival do Anho Assado and Arroz de Forno
and the Festival do Vinho Verde and Tasquinhas, Agro Douro Verde – Festival da
Gastronomia de Caça, Arroz de Aba and Produtos da Quinta, as well as the Festas
Concelhias and São Bartolomeu.
The Grisalha Revolution – to be held this year in Ancede with the presence of Quinta do
Bill and a tribute to Rui Veloso, among others – is another event that will confirm the
success of the inaugural edition.
Social and Equality Week will also be held for the second time this year, with daily
events involving the community and covering the entire territory.
In the area of the environment, the highlight is the Environment and Sustainability
Conference, now in its 3rd edition, with the theme “Water Resources”, bringing together
national and international experts to debate resource management and the
sustainability of the planet. The event is part of Baião’s distinction as a Sustainable
Tourist Destination. In this context, the municipality’s actions to encourage and promote
good environmental practices and reduce its ecological footprint were also discussed.
The Municipal Auditorium and the António Mota Municipal Library, as well as the
MACC, will continue to host events, reinforcing their unavoidable role as reference
points in a quality cultural offer, capable of providing excellent programs, not only for
the people of Baia, but also for visitors. The Municipal Auditorium has a packed
program of cinema, theater and comedy shows.
The Book Fair – Feliba – will continue to promote literature, and is scheduled to take
place in the Jardim de São Bartolomeu.
The ByonRitmos Festival and the Youth Festival, which have been attracting more
people every year, will continue to offer reasons for fun.
As part of the new initiatives, Sports Week was presented, which will include sports
activities aimed at all audiences to be held throughout the territory, taking advantage of
the mountains, rivers, trails and sports facilities to promote physical activity and sport.
In connection with Sports Week, the first music and sports festival will be launched at
the Ermida River Leisure Area in Santa Marinha do Zêzere.
A major gaming event is also being considered, as well as an international event
around vinho verde.
An International Children’s Film and Literature Festival (JUVE) is to be held.
Another movie inspired by Baião is being prepared. Director José Freitas was one of
the guests and gave an account of some of the details of the feature film, entitled
“Chaga”, which is currently in preparation and which will have the support of the Town
Hall, demonstrating the interest that the Baião region continues to arouse among
agents linked to the sector.
The town hall intends to establish the municipality as a destination for MICE – Meeting,
Incentive, Convention and Exhibition – events, creating partnerships to hold
conferences and congresses, using all the potential that exists in the area, such as
equipment, hotels, restaurants and heritage. Baião will host scientific meetings and
conferences, organized by the municipality or by external entities.
In this context, the 16th Portuguese Congress of Psychodrama is already scheduled for
October in Baião, which, in addition to all the scientific involvement, will serve to pay
tribute to the forty years of dedication to the profession of the illustrious bayonet,
Teixeira de Sousa.
The enhancement and promotion of heritage is also on the municipality’s agenda, with
the inauguration of the conservation and restoration work on the parish church of Santa
Marinha do Zêzere, as well as its pipe organ, coming soon.
The set of events planned has been prepared to meet the expectations of the people of
Bayonne, but also of visitors, in the sense that it will complement the work of tour
operators and the economic fabric of the municipality.
In this context, a meeting between the Tourism and Culture Department and the Tour
Operators is scheduled for January 31st, to discuss the policies and involvement of the
offer presented by the municipality
Pleased with the set of events that will mark the year 2024, the mayor, Paulo Pereira,
assured that “it reflects the commitment to promote the quality of life of residents,
preserve traditions, attract visitors and consolidate Baião as a regional tourist, cultural
and sporting hub,” he said.


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