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Baião City Council invests in a new vehicle for the collection of unsorted waste

The Municipality bought a new vehicle for the collection of urban solid waste that “strengthens the existing car park and represents a considerable improvement in the provision of services, in a municipality that continues to prioritize environmental quality”, said the councilor for the Environment Department, Henrique Gaspar.

For the vice-president of the Municipality of Baião and responsible for the Warehouse and Vehicle Management, Filipe Fonseca, this is “an important reinforcement for the existing vehicle fleet, which allows it to continue to respond effectively to the needs of the sector”. Filipe Fonseca also reinforces the opportunity for the new equipment to come into operation, “at a time when there is greater production of waste in the municipality”.

The Municipality’s technician for the Environment area, Luísa Borges, emphasizes that the investment also represents “an important improvement, both in environmental terms and in the response to citizens, through the acquisition of more modern and more efficient vehicles, with lower consumption of energy fuel, and with its own waste compaction systems, which allows for larger quantities to be collected with fewer trips”.

The purchase of the vehicle involved an investment of 175,275.00 euros.

Since 2016, this is the third vehicle acquired, representing an investment of 418,753.50 euros.

Baião City Council now has 6 vehicles for the urban solid waste collection sector.


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