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Baião City Council with a more environmentally friendly car fleet

The municipality of Baião acquired, in 2021, two new electric vehicles, thus continuing its commitment to electric mobility, which guarantees greater savings and is more “environmentally friendly”.

The City Council’s car fleet currently has five 100% electric vehicles.

One of the vehicles is assigned to the cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance services of green spaces in the municipality. The rest are used to travel by the various services.

The vehicles have an average range of 370 kilometres, except for the vehicle used for gardening, which has a range of 85 kilometres.

The purchase of these vehicles was spread over the years 2017, 2020 and 2021 and was financed 66 percent by the Municipality of Baião and 33 percent by the Environmental Fund. The total investment was 189 thousand euros.


“These vehicles have less impact on the environment and allow fuel savings. When acquiring these vehicles, we also scrapped five old vehicles that were less efficient and more polluting”, explains the councilor for the Environment, Henrique Ribeiro.


“It is important to have an environmental conscience and, in this sense, the renewal of the City Council’s fleet is another step towards sustainability. We have also installed charging stations for electric vehicles, we have already made three more applications to the Environmental Fund for the acquisition of electric vehicles and we are developing the certification process of Baião as a sustainable tourist destination. This is a path to which we are committed and which we will continue to pursue towards sustainability”, added Henrique Gaspar.

CHARGING ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN BAIÃO A public electric car charging station is now available, located next to the Francisco Sá Carneiro neighborhood, in Campelo, which allows the charging of two vehicles at the same time.


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