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Baião highlighted as a sustainable tourist destination

The municipality of Baião began, in 2018, certification as a sustainable tourist destination, through the international EarthCheck methodology.

This process begins to give visibility to the municipality of Baião in global terms. On the 8th of September, the international page DESIGNHOTELS.COM highlighted destinations for sustainable tourism and Baião appears referenced.

Portugal is quickly establishing itself as one of the European destinations most committed to responsible tourism”, says the article that highlights two places already recognized by EarthCheck – Baião and the Azores archipelago.

In the case of Baião, DESIGNHOTELS.COM highlights the relationship with the Douro River and the important area of ​​forest in the municipality of Baião as attractive. The article also highlights other locations in Australia, the United States of America, Mexico, and Sweden.

The Municipality of Baião was distinguished in the Earthcheck process with the “Bronze” seal, relating to the “benchmarked” status and awaits the final certification and award of the “Silver” seal.

There is a growing tourist demand in the municipality of Baião. Between 2015 and 2019 there was a 65 percent growth in the number of overnight stays in the municipality, from 36,974 overnight stays in 2015 to 61,190 overnight stays in 2019, according to the National Statistics Institute.

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