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Baião hosted the launch ceremony of the 2024 edition of the Rali Terras d’Aboboreira

On March 21st, in Baião, at the Municipal Auditorium, the presentation ceremony of the 2024 edition of the Rali Terras d’Aboboreira took place, which takes to the road on April 26th and 27th, crossing the municipalities of Amarante, Baião and Marco de Canaveses. In addition to the sporting and competitive aspect, the event is once again guided by highly demanding criteria in terms of Environmental Sustainability, and in this context, before the presentation ceremony, a tree planting action was carried out in Serra da Aboboreira.

The president of Baião City Council, Paulo Pereira, thanked the organization for the work it has developed, “ raising the level of the Rally’s notoriety, projecting the region at a national and international level” , and highlighted the sustainability measures adopted to reduce the footprint ecological, in line with the options of the territory, namely Baião, a municipality certified as a “Sustainable Tourist Destination”, a distinction that has been revalidated, which attests to compliance with the rigorous parameters required by the certifying entity.

In this regard, he also highlighted the Merit Award that was awarded to the Clube Automóvel de Amarante, at the end of the 2023 season by the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation – FPAK, for its contribution to Environmental Sustainability implemented during the Rali Terras d’Aboboreira .

For this edition, according to the organization, sustainability measures will be reinforced, focusing on eight distinct areas: noise, waste, water and energy, fuels and soil protection, hygiene and cleaning, awareness and carbon offsetting.

The mayor also highlighted the partnership between the three municipalities, as a “ good example of union for the benefit of promoting the territory and, in this way, improving the lives of the populations ,” he highlighted. In this context, Paulo Pereira revealed other partnerships, namely the creation of the Official Animal Collection Center – CRO, opened on March 20th, and which resulted from an agreement between Baião and Resende; the Douro Verde Half Marathon, to be held next Sunday, with the involvement of Baião, Cinfães and Marco de Canaveses; and the construction of a bridge in Anquião, in the parish of Gestaçô, which is being carried out in a partnership between Baião and Mesão Frio, as it is a link between the two municipalities.

“ This is the spirit that must guide our actions, as servants of the territory and the population we represent, in order to improve the quality of life. The Terras d’Aboboreira Rally is an excellent example of unity and what could be a better future for everyone,” pointed out the mayor of Baião.

At the opening of the ceremony, the president of the Clube Automóvel de Amarante (CAA), the organizing entity, António Jorge, began by paying tribute to the former rally champion, Joaquim Santos, who passed away last Monday, then revealing the structure of the race, third stage of the Portuguese Rally Championship, designed in territory of pure nature.

Among the innovations in terms of promoting the CAA competition, three initiatives should be highlighted that will be announced soon, as well as the awarding of the MCoutinho Prize, to the winner of the largest number of classifications, and the Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Prize to the winner of the SE2 “Amarante Natureza Criativa”.

On the afternoon of Friday, April 26th, and after the morning Qualifying, on the section located in Vila Boa de Quires, “Marco Rios de Emoção” (3.47 km), the race begins with the “Special ” of “ Baião Vida Natural ” (16.93 km), and at night, from 9 pm onwards, the day ends with the Super Special “Amarante Natureza Criativa” (2.00 km), in the center of this city.

Saturday, the 27th, two passes through Amarante (22.54 km) and Aboboreira (16.14), which will be the Power Stage, and one through Baião (11.37 km) complete the route of stages on dirt floor that totals 107.66 km on the clock.

The Rali Terras d’Aboboreira, the first FIA-ERT event, includes, in addition to the CPR calendar, the 2RM championship (two-wheel drive), Junior, Classics, 2RM Classics, Promo, Masters and Challenge R5.

The presentation ceremony was attended by, in addition to pilots, those responsible for all logistics and organization, mayors representing the three municipalities that support the event, councilors, and lovers of the sport.


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