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Baião is part of the list of Signatories of the Mission Letter for Adaptation to Climate Change

Municipality of Baião joined the Climate Change Adaptation Mission, becoming one of the 150 cities and regions selected by the European Commission to join the network by 2030. With the aim of supporting the transformation towards climate resilience, putting the adaptation strategy into practice of the EU and help identify climate risks, the commitment letter – signed by the mayor of Baião, Paulo Pereira, and approved in a chamber meeting – intends to transform the big problems into effective and innovative solutions capable of responding to the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis, involving interested local institutions, civil society, the business and industrial community, research institutions and all citizens.

The European Commission’s new strategy for adapting to climate change sets out how the European Union can adapt by becoming more resilient by 2050. The strategy pursues three objectives: making adaptation smarter; accelerate adaptation at all levels; and make adaptation more systematic.

With the signature of the Letter of Mission of Adaptation to Climate Change, the Municipality of Baião undertakes to use the available knowledge to assess climate risks in the region, disseminating the results; to use knowledge to support citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers in the design and implementation of actions to adapt to climate change; designing pathways for the region to become resilient to climate change by 2030; to involve citizens in decision-making, allowing participation in the testing of adaptation solutions or in their evaluation; to mobilize resources and develop activities in the region to achieve adaptation objectives; to support the demonstration and application of climate change adaptation solutions; to participate in exchanges of experiences and collaborative activities with other regions; and to take stock of collective progress in achieving the mission’s objectives, contributing to the adjustment of direction and orientation.




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