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Câmara de Baião held a meeting with tourist operators in the municipality

On the 10th of November, a working meeting with tourist operators in the municipality was held in the auditorium of the renovated Monastery of Ancede Cultural Center – MACC Baião, organized by the Municipality of Baião, which was represented by the President, Paulo Pereira, the Councilor with the Department of Tourism, Anabela Cardoso and José Lima, Councilor responsible for Economic Affairs.

At the meeting, issues related to Tourism were discussed, namely the concerns and perspectives of operators and the way in which efforts and challenges can be articulated with the Municipality, with a view to better development of the territory. Tourism is one of the main pillars of the territory’s development strategy for the Baião City Council.

In his speech, the Mayor of Baião, Paulo Pereira, highlighted the certification of the Municipality as a Sustainable Tourist Destination, recently renewed, and challenged operators to make their contribution to the maintenance and continuity of this distinction.

Councilwoman Anabela Cardoso proposed that tour operators promote the environmental quality of their establishments, considering that it would be important to reinforce this “flag” that promotes the territory. The Councilor also revealed that she will visit the tourist establishments in the county, in order to get to know the reality of each one better and to be able to discuss the articulation of policies that are positive and beneficial for all.

Prior to the meeting, the Baião Chamber provided tour operators with a visit to the international exhibition “Grandes Mestres”, open to the public at MACC Baião and which brings together 63 works by some of the greatest figures in modern and contemporary art.


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