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City council promotes cleaning and disinfection of undifferentiated waste containers in all parishes

Baião City Council is washing and sanitizing garbage containers (undifferentiated urban solid waste) throughout the territory, having hired a specialized company.

The municipality will carry out several cleaning and disinfection actions on this equipment, having invested 45 thousand euros, over a period of one year.

More than 1000 containers are covered, in all parishes and which are part of municipal collection circuits. Those located in difficult to access places, namely on streets where the cleaning and disinfection truck does not circulate, will be gradually replaced by the municipality’s services.

The washing and disinfection process is carried out both inside and outside the containers and the washing and disinfecting products have bactericidal and insect repellent action.

This action, promoted since 2013, aims to improve health and cleanliness in all parishes and does not affect the normal functioning of garbage collection, nor its use by residents, as it is a quick operation, which quickly leaves containers available to be used.


The Councilor for the Environment, Henrique Gaspar Ribeiro, visited the sites to monitor the cleaning and disinfection of garbage containers.

Accompanied by technicians from the municipality, the mayor observed the process and said that “this cleaning action is important because, in addition to avoiding bad odors, it prevents the proliferation of microorganisms that are harmful to health, which allows for a better level of hygiene, improving the quality of life of residents and the public health of our territory.”


Citizens have a fundamental role in the management of the waste service. Baião City Council makes the following appeals to all residents:

Dispose of household waste in well-sealed bags to prevent loose rubbish from dirtying the container and causing bad odors to spread.

After depositing the rubbish, ensure that the lids of the containers are always closed, ensuring that the collection equipment is in good working order.

If the nearest bin is full, do not leave rubbish outside the bin. Look for the nearest container to deposit your household waste.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Contributing to protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.


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