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Disinfection of 1100 garbage containers

In April, the Baião City Council carried out yet another operation to wash and disinfect garbage containers (undifferentiated urban solid waste), through the hiring of a specialized company.

1100 containers located in all parishes and which are part of the municipal collection circuits were covered.

This action “is intended to improve health and cleanliness in all parts of the municipality, improving the quality of life of our citizens and health in our territory”, says the councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Baião, Henrique Gaspar.


This washing and disinfection process is carried out both inside and outside the containers.

The washing and disinfection products have a bactericidal and insect repellent action.

The municipality of Bahia invested, in the period of one year, 45 thousand euros in different actions of cleaning and disinfection of garbage containers.

Some containers that are more difficult to access, located on streets where it is not possible to access with the cleaning and disinfection truck, will be gradually replaced by the municipality.


The Baião City Council appeals to all citizens to pack their household waste in bags and deposit these bags in the containers. Garbage should not be placed outside the bags as it will dirty the container and generate the spread of bad smells.

If the nearest container is full, please do not leave the garbage outside the container. Look for the nearest container and deposit your household waste inside.


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