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Fire prevention works are underway in the Municipality of Baião

Strategic fuel management actions are underway in the Municipality of Baião (weed clearing), as part of the prevention of rural fires. In this sense, the Deputy Mayor of Baião and councilor responsible for Civil Protection, Filipe Fonseca, accompanied by the Coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection, José Manuel Ribeiro, carried out, on January 31, a follow-up visit to the works of implementation of the primary network of fuel management lanes that are being carried out in the Aboboreira and Castelo de Matos mountains.

These works carried out by the brigades and teams of forest sappers, supervised by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests – ICNF, are foreseen in the Municipal Plan for the Defense of the Forest Against Fires to compartmentalize the larger forest territories, allowing the reduction of the intensity of the fire. , facilitating combat and the safety of combatants, resulting in smaller burned areas and greater protection for population centers and for the forest heritage.

The Primary Network of Fuel Management Lanes – RPFGC, is a fire prevention infrastructure measuring 125 meters in width, executed using prescribed (controlled) fire, mechanical means (tractors with brush cutters) and motorcycle-manual means (motorcycle brushcutters and chainsaws), focusing on a route previously defined, in national terms, by the ICNF.

The Councilor for Civil Protection, Filipe Fonseca, considers these and other “prevention actions to be fundamental to avoid or mitigate the scourge of fires that, year after year, destroy our forest, with serious damage to the level, not only of the flora, but also fauna, causing sometimes irreversible environmental imbalances”. He guaranteed that Baião “will spare no effort to preserve the territory with the highest percentage of green spots” in the district of Porto.

At the time and during the technical work of the Sub-Regional Commission for Integrated Management of Rural Fires, the definition of the primary network is in the adjustment phase, after which it will form part of the Sub-Regional Action Plan for Tâmega and Sousa.

In 2022, 70.8 hectares of RPFGC were executed, while in 2023, it is estimated that 152.65 hectares of this infrastructure will be executed.




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