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On International Biodiversity Day, let’s all be part of the solution!

The world’s ecosystems face unprecedented threats. Nature is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Since 1990, the Earth has lost 28.7 million hectares of forests, which help absorb harmful carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. One million species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction and more than 90% of the marine fish population is in decline or overexploited (Source: UN).

This year’s theme is “From Deal to Action: Rebuilding Biodiversity”. This involves respecting, protecting and rebuilding our biological wealth. And we all have a role to play in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle that is balanced with nature.

The City Council is also part of this movement for change, adopting policies that promote and defend the county’s natural heritage. Examples include the creation of the Serra da Aboboreira Regional Protected Landscape and the Ovil River Rehabilitation Project.

All together we act and transform the world!




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