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Presented the Pedagogical Project of Serra da Aboboreira

On May 19, at Centro Cultural Emergente, in Marco de Canaveses, a session was held to present the pedagogical project of Serra da Aboboreira, which aims to raise awareness among the school community of the Municipalities of Baião, Amarante and Marco de Canaveses for the protection and conservation of the natural resources of this mountain range.

Present were Humberto Cerqueira, member of the Regional Operational Program for the North – North 2020, the president of the Association of Municipalities of Baixo Tâmega (AMBT) and the Municipality of Marco de Canaveses, Cristina Vieira, the councilors for Education of Amarante, Baião and Marco de Canaveses, Adriano Santos, Anabela Cardoso and Clara Marques, respectively, Ricardo Magalhães, Secretary General of AMBT, João Honrado, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Miguel Correia, from Editora Ideias com História, responsible for the design of the material educational program on Serra da Aboboreira, as well as representatives of the School Groups of the three municipalities that make up Aboboreira.


The Association of Municipalities of Baixo Tâmega is in the final phase of the implementation of the Operation “Active Management of the Natural Heritage of Serra da Aboboreira”, approved by NORTE 2020, within the scope of the Notice “Domain Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources”, with a total approved investment of €335,706.04.

The objective is to establish partnerships with the School Groups of the Municipalities of Amarante, Baião and Marco de Canaveses for the development of activities that will include raising awareness among teachers and students, through the organization of guided tours with technicians from the municipalities allocated to the project.

Sessions and activities for the preservation and conservation of the natural resources of Serra da Aboboreira will also be held in schools.


In this sense, pedagogical material was produced, to be used in schools, individually or collectively, such as a Guide to exploring the Serra da Aboboreira, an interactive digital game, an illustrated book that serves as an introductory framework to the theme, two card games, a board game, two roulettes from Serra da Aboboreira and two roulettes from biodiversity. These materials make up a “Pedagogical Case”, which is provided at each level of education in each of the member schools.

A giant game was also produced to be used in a classroom context, as well as two videos about Serra da Aboboreira, a documentary and a 3D video. This material was delivered to each of the school representatives and each kit contains a flash drive and each teacher can print the elements and copies they want.

There will also be a traveling exhibition consisting of 30 panels with images alluding to Serra da Aboboreira.

The objective is for students to explore the mountains and feel encouraged to research more information, that is, to get to know the mountains at school and, naturally, to become true ambassadors of it. Educate, raise awareness and train everyone to contribute to the well-being of Serra da Aboboreira and enjoy it more and more, in a harmonious interaction between Man and Nature.

The production of this material was prepared by Editora Ideias com História, in an investment of €42,742.50, 85% financed by NORTE 2020, the remaining amount being borne by AMBT.


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