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Sustainable Tourist Destination – Second meeting of the “Green Team” held

On the 17th of October, a meeting of the “Green Team” was held, a team whose main purpose is to lead the Baião: Sustainable Tourist Destination process and the work necessary to fulfill the sustainability criteria of the certifying entity, whose principles are established by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

This meeting had the following agenda:

1) Presentation of the Municipality’s Performance Report in the year 2021;

2) Presentation of the results of the annual audit and the measures already implemented to resolve non-conformities;

3) Other matters.

As part of the analysis of the Municipality’s performance in 2021, several ideas and proposals were presented by the members of the “Green Team” to improve indicators below the base value and best practices, such as the amount of garbage sent to landfill, tourist operations accredited and the amount of water recycled/captured and reused.

The audit report carried out last June by the certifying entity EarthCheck was also presented, as well as the two non-conformities detected and in the meantime resolved, so the revalidation of the certification is awaited.

In addition to the municipality’s technicians, the President of the Baião Business Association, Maria Miguel Dinis Correia; the President of Eco Symbioses – Environmental and Cultural Association of Vale de Ovil, Sara Pereira; the Secretary General of AMDT – Association of Douro and Tâmega Municipalities, Ricardo Magalhães and the General Coordinator of Dolmen – Local and Regional Development, CRL., Elsa Pinheiro.


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