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Technicians from the municipality participated in an International Conference on sustainability

Universidade Fernando Pessoa, in Porto, hosted the event Green Marble 2022 – International Meeting of Anthropocene and Ecocritical Studies.

This initiative was attended by technicians from the municipality, who are part of the Green Team, responsible for the certification process, – Rui Mendes, Dora Pinto, Sandra Mendes and Aida Ribeiro, whose intervention focused on the theme:

Sustainable Tourist Destinations: a factor of political and civic intervention in mitigating the environmental impacts of tourism”.

The technicians from Baião started by presenting a characterization of the environmental, economic and social impacts generated by the tourist activity, since sustainable tourism must make adequate use of environmental resources, respect the sociocultural authenticity of the communities and ensure that economic activities are viable in the long term.

They also explained to those present the economic and tourist development strategy of this Executive, which is designed and implemented with respect for the environment and the characteristics of the community, in a perspective of natural and cultural preservation as a catalyst for sustainable development.

Anthropocene Studies, the impact of human activity on the Earth System and Ecocriticism, the study of the relationship between Literature and the environment, are areas that, although distinct, share a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary point of view in the analysis of the critical climate situation. , environmental and ecological issues, its effects, consequences and socio-political-economic, cultural and civilizational implications, as well as the discussion and proposal of solutions to correct or improve its trajectory.

In addition to technicians from Baião, this meeting was also attended by researchers and academics from areas such as Geosciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Engineering and Technologies, from Australia, Brazil, Czechia, Slovakia, States of America, Estonia and Italy and who are involved in the study of Anthropocene and Ecocriticism issues.


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