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The Municipality of Baião installed 20 “pilhões” (recycling battery containers) throughout the Municipality

These containers, which are attached to the Ecopoints, serve to deposit batteries that are no longer used and which are then selectively collected for later recovery, since 99% of the batteries on the market are recyclable.

This simple gesture allows used batteries to be properly treated and prevents heavy metals from being deposited in the environment, in addition to enabling the reuse of the materials that constitute them.

The batteries were acquired by the Municipality of Baião and the collection will be carried out by Resinorte.

Do you know that:

– A single battery is capable of contaminating a terrain the size of a football field;

– Batteries contain dangerous elements such as mercury, lead, cadmium and minerals, which pollute the planet and cause kidney, nervous, neurological and digestive problems;

– A battery takes 100 years to decompose in the environment and releases all the toxic elements in the process, which can contaminate soils, groundwater and reach the food chain.


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