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Today is the Day of the Autochthonous Forest!!

This date was chosen to highlight the importance of conserving natural forests and because it coincides with the most favorable weather conditions for planting trees in the Iberian Peninsula.

Autochthonous forests are extremely important for the balance of local fauna and flora. They are also more resistant to pests, diseases and periods of drought or heavy rain, thus helping to maintain the fertility of the natural space and the biological balance of the landscapes.

The world is currently facing unprecedented challenges, climate change being one of the most pressing. The forest contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, health, well-being, the protection of Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity, and the transition to greener economies.

“E como entre os arvoredos.

Há grandes sons de folhagem,

Também agito segredos

No fundo da minha imagem “

(Fernando Pessoa)

#VerdeeonovoDestino #GreenisthenewDestination


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