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Baião Powerboat Grand Prix with  Sustainability Actions

During the Powerboat Grand Prix last weekend, in Albufeira da Pala, initiatives were promoted for the preservation and defense of the Environment, within the scope of the certification of Baião as a Sustainable Tourist Destination.

Reusable glass bottles were distributed to all pilots and their teams so that they could collect water at the various supply points available in the “Paddock”. An action that achieved the proposed objectives, that is, the minimization of the use of plastic bottles.

Ecopoints were also placed in various locations, with the respective signage, and several appeals for recycling were made.

As Baião is the first Portuguese municipality to obtain the distinction of “Sustainable Tourist Destination”, these actions reinforce the Municipality’s commitment to sustainability, pointing towards a continuous improvement of environmental quality indices.

The “Green Team”, responsible for the certification process, recognizes, moreover, that complying with the criteria of the certifying entity, EarthCheck, whose principles are established by the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism, is a demanding and permanent challenge and one of the objectives it also involves holding environmentally responsible events.


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