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Baião Rivers restocked with 8500 trout

Since 2010, nearly 30 thousand trout have been launched into the rivers of Baião

The Municipality of Baião and the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) repopulated the Ovil and Teixeira rivers with 8500 trout last Thursday, June 25th.

The initiative, which aims to bring more life to these rivers, is not new. The fish restocking in the Ovil and Teixeira rivers usually takes place with some frequency, so much so that since 2010, about 27 thousand specimens of “trout-fário” with about four centimeters have been launched into the water.

This type of activities for restocking rivers takes place within the scope of policies to preserve fauna and flora and to promote the ecological balance of the municipality.

Baião is the municipality of Porto district with the highest percentage of green and forested areas. For this reason, over the years, it has implemented a strategy for the preservation of these spaces, which includes environmental education programs, implementation of forest defense and surveillance actions, adoption of a reforestation plan for the municipality’s green spaces or the bet on energy efficiency systems, among others.

Students from all over the municipality usually take part in the initiative, as a way of raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, except for this last restocking, due to the safety rules that are in effect as a result of the Pandemic by Covid 19.


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