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Baião’s Municipal Environmental Education Strategy (EMEA)

The proposal for Baião’s Municipal Environmental Education Strategy (EMEA) was
unanimously approved at the Municipal Assembly on February 24.
The Baião EMEA was presented as an essential tool for the sustainable development of
the municipality, inspiring local action and promoting conscious and informed
Based on the 2030 Agenda and the process of certifying Baião as a Sustainable
Tourism Destination, EMEA aims to shape the mindsets of local residents, empowering
children, young people, civil society, economic agents and institutions to promote local
actions with a global impact.
EMEA aims to create an active and resilient citizenry, promoting sustainability and
building a fair, inclusive and low-carbon society. With the perspective of “Think global,
act local”, the strategy reinforces the importance of education for sustainability and
the active participation of all citizens in building a more sustainable and equitable
The implementation of EMEA in Baião highlights the municipality’s commitment to
environmental preservation and sustainable development, placing environmental
education as a priority in promoting responsible practices and building a more
sustainable future for present and future generations


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