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Christmas is one month away. Make this date more sustainable and environmentally friendly

At Christmas, more waste is generated. Each citizen produces around 1.9 kg of waste per day. Value what you can still value.

Because if Christmas is whenever Man wants, so are savings and sustainability. With small gestures, a little dedication and creativity, make a difference towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas. To help you, we leave you some tips.

1. Christmas decorations: Less is more!

Make your own Christmas tree. Create your own ornaments. Reuse old decorations. Use materials you have at home, such as glass bottles, cardboard boxes, metal cans, and elements of nature, such as dry leaves, pine cones, shells and branches, to create original and sustainable Christmas trees and decorations.

2. You can’t wrap it with paper alone!

You can use newspaper sheets, brown paper or baking paper, white sheets with colored stamps and reuse bottles or boxes, adopting a sustainable approach. To make the presentation even more enchanting, you can decorate it festively with fabric, ribbons and personalized tags, making each gift unique and exclusive.

3. Sustainable gifts: Buy Local!

The way we produce and consume products has directly contributed to the worsening of environmental problems. Therefore, it is essential to support local commerce, as in addition to reducing travel and, consequently, gas emissions, we help the local economy.

4. Shine more, Save more! So that your electricity bill doesn’t go up this Christmas, the ideal is to have all your Christmas decorations with LED lighting. Only turn on decorations at night and don’t leave them on all day


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