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City Council of Baião replaces all public lighting in the municipality with LED lamps

The contract for the modernization of the public lighting system in Baião is underway, through the placement of 7,452 luminaires with LED technology.

This investment allows two major advantages.

First, a 60 percent reduction in energy consumption is expected, which will reduce CO2 emissions to the environment from Baião.

Another advantage will be savings in the cost of public lighting, with an estimated reduction of around 200 thousand euros per year in the energy bill.

The contract for the replacement of public lighting represents an investment of 1 million and 213 thousand euros and should be completed by the end of the year.

The Mayor of Baião, Paulo Pereira, explains that, in a balance between the respective amortization and the savings achieved, the possibility of extending the public lighting network will be considered in the future, as well as extending the period of operation of the same.

The mayor also stated that “the value saved is significant”, but equally important is “environmental saving, since we are committed to making the municipality of Baião more and more environmentally friendly and energy efficient”.

It should be recalled that the City Council of Baião has made a gradual investment in energy efficiency: in 2014 it implemented measures to make the Sports Pavilions and the Indoor Pool more sustainable.

The municipality also carried out a first phase of installing LED luminaires, with the placement of 626 lamps.

EDP has also been progressively placing LED fixtures in the municipality, with the public lighting network in Baião totaling around 10,000 fixtures.


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