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Clean and disinfected garbage containers once again in the municipality of Baião

The Baião City Council is carrying out another regular operation of washing and disinfecting the unsorted municipal solid waste containers in the municipality.

Around 1112 containers located in all parishes are being covered by the action.

Some containers that are more difficult to access, located on streets where it is not possible to access with the cleaning and disinfection truck, will be gradually replaced by the municipality.

This service is an important act for the population’s quality of life, as well as, as a direct consequence, to safeguard a better environment.

This action is carried out every year, between three and four times, by a specialized company, contracted for this purpose by the Municipality of Baião.

The operation consists of scraping the containers, followed by cleaning and disinfection by a truck equipped for this purpose.

This washing and disinfection process is carried out both inside and outside these equipments.

The washing and disinfection products have a bactericidal and insect repellent action.

The municipality invests around 9,100 euros for each cleaning and disinfection action of garbage containers in the municipality.

For the councilor for the environment of the Municipality of Baião, Henrique Ribeiro “this measure is important to guarantee cleanliness and a good level of public hygiene in the various places in the municipality”, he said.

Appeal to citizens

The Baião City Council appeals to all citizens to pack their household waste in bags and deposit these bags in the containers. Do not make this deposit with loose garbage as it will dirty the container and generate the spread of bad smells.

If the nearest container is full, please do not leave the garbage outside the container. Look for the nearest container and deposit your household waste inside.


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