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Technical visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Paço de Sousa

As part of the development of the pilot project for the reuse of treated wastewater for non-potable purposes, a technical visit was made to the WWTP in Paço de Sousa, in the Municipality of Penafiel, managed by SIMDOURO, which serves a population of 65,000 inhabitants in the Municipalities of Lousada, Paredes and Penafiel.

The growing demand for water and the adverse effects of climate change, with situations of prolonged drought, place the reuse of treated wastewater (ApR) for non-potable purposes, as a valid alternative source, contributing to the sustainable use of water resources, in as it allows the maintenance of water in the environment, minimizing the effects of water scarcity in line with the principles of the circular economy

In this context, the City Council, represented by the Head of Division and Green Team, carried out a technical visit to that equipment and met with SIMDOURO representatives and technicians, to continue the project. At this work meeting, the uses for ApR were defined – irrigation, floor washing, washing of waste collection vehicles and containers – as well as the daily amount of water required.

The new legislation that regulates the matter was discussed – Decree-Law no. 11/2023, of February 10, which reforms and simplifies environmental licensing – as well as Recommendation no. 3/2023 – Recommendation on water for reuse , issued by ERSAR on the use of treated wastewater for non-potable purposes.

Aware of the importance of promoting the use of treated wastewater, this project is also part of the certification of Baião as a Sustainable Tourist Destination and in line with the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This alternative resource ensures the protection of the environment and public health and improves the management of the urban water cycle.




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