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Meeting of associations – Paulo Pereira praised the “fundamental” role of the associative movement in society

The meeting, held on July 1, was attended by about forty leaders and representatives of local associations. The Mayor highlighted the role that the associative movement plays in society, as “a promoter of values and principles, and in the preservation and dissemination of our culture and traditions”.

“The associations are schools of life, providing learning and instilling habits and behaviors that will end up being reflected in the way we live in society”. He underlined the close collaboration that has been taking place between the Municipality and the communities, a sign of recognition for the work carried out. A collaboration that we want to “maintain and strengthen, aware that this frank and open relationship is very positive for everyone, for our municipality and, naturally, for our population”.

This was followed by the intervention of the councilor in charge of Associativism and Vice-President of the Chamber, Filipe Fonseca, who thanked the work of the associations in favor of the municipality, a presentation was made of the activities carried out within the scope of Associativism, with actions were listed in several areas.

Creation of a seal for Associations that promote Sustainability

Sustainable Associativism, a topic addressed by the Green Team, the team responsible for the certification process of Baião as a Sustainable Tourist Destination, turned out to be the dominant subject in the period dedicated to the debate. In this context, a proposal arose, on the part of the associations, after referring to several actions where environmental concerns were highlighted, so that a “sustainability seal” could be created to distinguish these practices.

An idea well received by those responsible for the Municipality and which resulted from the appeal launched for communities to make their events “sustainable”.


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