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Official Animal Collection Center opened in Resende – Baião

The Secretary of State for Local Administration and Spatial Planning, Carlos Miguel, and the presidents of the Municipal Chambers of Resende and Baião, Garcez Trindade and Paulo Pereira, respectively, inaugurated the Official Collection Center (CRO) of Resende and Baião, in a ceremony that took place on March 20, 2024.

After the unveiling of the inauguration plaque, the Reverend Father António José Ferreira, proceeded to bless the new facilities, followed by the solemn session where the cooperation protocol was signed, which aims to define the terms of shared management, between the Municipalities of Resende and Baião, from the Official Collection Center for Pet Animals. After the interventions and the end of the formal session, the entities present visited the facilities.

At the scene, Carlos Miguel thanked him for the invitation given to him by the two municipalities and said that “this is my last public act as a member of government. I have had the privilege of working with and inaugurating many facilities for this purpose, but I confess that with this quality, ambition and size, it is the best equipped for those intended for it, dogs and cats. It is a reference equipment due to the fact that it brings together two municipalities that are neighbors and have common equipment to solve a problem that is transversal to both” , adding that “Resende and Baião are to be congratulated for understanding each other in resolving this problem.”

Garcez Trindade, visibly satisfied with the completion of this work, thanked Carlos Miguel and other entities for their presence, giving special thanks to the residents who took care of the stray animals, while this work was not completed, highlighting that “this is a worthy work of which we are very proud, as it has excellent conditions for animals to be collected, treated and sterilized, allowing birth control and addressing a problem that existed in both municipalities”.

He also reinforced the importance of the partnership with the Municipality of Baião, stating that “we will work together so that this synergy is efficient and produces results, and some hypotheses have already been launched for other additional measures to the activity carried out at the Collection Center and which will be put into practice”.

Paulo Pereira explained that “this building responds to a need that we all have, providing a response to animal protection and health, which also transforms into human protection and health, because wandering animals in packs can be dangerous. The protocol we signed will continue with the shared management of this equipment, which includes sharing expenses, both material and human resources”.

The mayor, highlighting the important response to a problem in the two municipalities that the CRO represents, praised the spirit that involved the partnership and, thanking the Secretary of State, “a friend of Baião and Resende” praised his work as governor, for proximity and attention to the problems of the territory, “honoring politics” , an example that “politicians exist because they have people to serve” , he added.

The mayor of Baião also launched a challenge to the population stating that “we did our part, now people need to collaborate, be sensitive, responsible, and not abandon animals” , he stressed, concluding with an appeal for the adoption of animals .

It is worth remembering that the equipment, with a global investment of 704,888.71 euros, is located in Quinta de Brinces, União das Freguesias de Felgueiras and Feirão – Resende, and is the result of a joint project, financed by the two municipalities and which received support from DGAL – General Directorate of Local Authorities, within the scope of the Financial Incentive Grant Program for the Construction and Modernization of Official Pet Collection Centers.

This equipment responds to the desires of both mayors and their populations to create conditions for the collection of stray animals, allowing the implementation of common control strategies, and promoting active measures for the adoption of companion animals.

With the capacity to accommodate between 120 and 150 dogs, depending on their size, and between 50 and 60 cats, the CRO has sanitary facilities and waiting rooms, an infirmary, vaccination and recovery rooms, as well as a covered hall, a multipurpose and training room, and 30 accommodation boxes. There are 18 square meters to receive felines, boxes for large animals, food preparation, hygiene, material washing, quarantine and waste rooms, accompanied by a playground.


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