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Recycle glass you don’t need and protect the environment

The months of September and October, when the harvest takes place, are the months in which there is the greatest accumulation of glass waste in the municipality of Baião.

Families clean their cellars, putting in the trash many tons of bottles and glass demijohns.

In 2020, 65 tons of glass were collected in the municipality of Baião, in the selective collection service, in the months of September and October alone, however, a lot of glass was placed together with the unsorted waste and ended up in a sanitary landfill.

In this sense, the Baião City Council appeals to citizens to put glass waste in the recycling bin.

The collaboration of the Baionenses, separating the glass packaging after it has been used and introducing it into the recycling bin, is essential because it allows recycling. When glass is reused, it is not sent to landfill and therefore does not become waste.


In case of accumulation of quantities of glass (bottles and demijohns), with a volume greater than 1 m3, citizens can contact the Baião City Council to verify the possibility of door-to-door collection.


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