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Recycle in the right place

Baião City Council launched an awareness campaign appealing to citizens not to deposit recyclable material such as cardboard, glass or plastic in unsorted waste containers.

Alerting to the importance of adopting more sustainable individual behaviors is the objective of this initiative that appeals to the need for each of us to recycle more and better.

The information was placed in 120 undifferentiated garbage containers that are located near the ecopoints, in all parishes.

The initiative will be extended in the future to other existing garbage containers in the municipality.

The Councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Baião, Henrique Gaspar, recalled that “this measure is a complement to other actions that are underway to preserve the environment, following the Municipality’s strategy for an increasingly environmentally sustainable territory. In 2021, we reinforced the number of Ecopoints in the municipality and distributed recycling bags to the population to increasingly encourage this practice”.

It is important that Baião families continue to recycle. In 2021, 666 tons of waste were sent for recycling in Baião, a growth of 6.1 percent compared to 2020, but progress still needs to be made and these rates increased”, observes the councilor for the Environment.


The Municipality of Baião has at the disposal of its citizens a free service for the collection of Construction and Demolition Waste (RCD’s) from small domestic repairs.

The municipal services also collect “domestic monsters”, a service that is also free, which has existed for a few years, and any citizen can take advantage of it.


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