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Urban trees in Baião are being inventoried

The Councilor for the Environment, Henrique Gaspar Ribeiro, visited, on the 5th of May, the urban tree inventory work that is taking place in the municipality. Accompanied by technicians from the municipality during the visit, he said that “the ongoing survey is fundamental, which will allow us to control the number of trees, their age, the existing species and, perhaps the most important factor, their state of health”. In addition, “Baião is a municipality whose green space is one of the main references, a valuable heritage, which makes us all proud, which promotes the quality of life of the people of Bahia, reinforces the importance and interest of this work”.

This inventory is required by law and is carried out after approval of the municipal regulation for the management of trees in the urban environment of Baião, approved by the Municipal Assembly on June 25, 2022, and is expected to be completed by June 30, consisting of in the complete survey, carried out on the ground, of the existing urban trees in the municipal public domain and private domain of the municipality.


Data collection will produce detailed information about each tree specimen, namely, and among other characteristics, geolocation, species (botanical name and common name) and variety, dimensions (diameter at breast height and total height), approximate age, description summary of the canopy, characterization of the surroundings and phytosanitary status.

The municipal tree inventory in an urban environment will be published (and will be accessible under an open data regime) on an online platform, created for this purpose on the website of the Municipality of Baião where Citizens will be able to ask questions and report occurrences regarding tree specimens.


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