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City Council of Baião will collect construction and demolition waste free of charge

The Municipality of Baião has at its citizens’ disposal a new free service for the collection of Construction and Demolition Waste (RCD´s), coming from small domestic repairs.

In the activities of construction, reconstruction, expansion, alteration, conservation, and demolition of buildings subject to licensing or prior communication, companies (contractors) are obliged to respect a Waste Prevention and Management Plan, to sort waste by type and deliver waste to companies licensed for the purpose.

For the storage of this type of waste, the Municipality of Baião makes available to residents, free of charge, a bag with a capacity of 1 cubic meter, a loan valid for a period of two months. Subsequently, the bag must be placed in a location that is easily accessible to the collection vehicle (crane truck).

For the environmental councilor of the Municipality of Baião, Henrique Ribeiro, “this measure comes to solve some problems, such as the protection of the environment and to avoid the placement of garbage and debris that are scattered in the forests, roadsides and paths of the county”.

At the same time, the Municipality of Baião also collects “domestic monsters”, a service that has also been free for some years, and any citizen can enjoy it. “Domestic monsters” are household appliances, electronic equipment, old furniture and sofas, mattresses, and other waste that, given their characteristics or volume, cannot be deposited in ecopoints, nor in the container for undifferentiated waste. However, they can and should be sent for recycling.

After collection, this waste is deposited at the Baião ecocentre, under the responsibility of Resinorte SA, which in turn proceeds with the separation and sorting of waste, sending it to landfill or for recycling, such as household appliances.


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